American football olympics 2016. Medal Table - Rio - Olympic Games - BBC Sport

American football olympics 2016. Medal Table

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American Football In Olympics: – Today & Beyond

The game of American football has been around since , just four years after the American Civil War ended. That makes American football really, really old. Estimates vary, but well over million people watched Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers — not an audience that should be overlooked. The International Olympic Committee is missing out on an incredible opportunity to extend its market share and coverage. Olympic sports such as ice hockey and basketball were invented in and , respectively, so we know that the age of the sport is not a factor in this decision. Perhaps the nomenclature attributed to the sport, identifying it as American football, carries some restrictions? Attaching any culture to the name of any sport will naturally induce some preconceived positive or negative stereotypes about said culture by fans.