How to hide pics on google photos. How to Hide Your Pics on Google Photos | Technobezz

How to hide pics on google photos. A new feature on Google Photos lets you hide the pictures you don't want people to see

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​How to hide private photos using Google Photos - CNET

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You must have wished several times that you could hide your intimate photographs on your smartphone. Do you wish to know how to hide photos in Google Photos app? However, with the launch of the new feature, you can now hide photos in the Google Photos private folder. With the automatic backup feature of the Google Photos , the users are provided with the option to manage their photographs on a daily basis. While it might offer the ease of all your pictures getting stored up in the Google cloud, there is also the burden of your confidential images popping in front of others accidentally. This could be an embarrassing situation for you. Therefore, there is a high need of safeguarding your images by hiding them on Google Photos.