Yeti crab pics. New Species: Hairy-Chested Yeti Crab Found in Antarctica

Yeti crab pics. Yeti Crab - Grows Its Own Food In Its Hair

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Yeti Crab | Critters | Weird sea creatures, Bizarre animals, Deep sea creatures

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By: Alex Cohen May 20, am. The amazing thing about these little guys is the fact they exist in the first place. The point still stands though. If life seemed bad for the Vampire Squid, the Yeti Crab makes do at twice the depth. They live in the precarious sliver of water that is warm enough to keep them from freezing, but cool enough to not boil them alive. The other problem with existing where no sane thing would ever want to go is that there is a distinct lack of food. See, those millions of little hairs called setae actually trap and store bacteria that the hungry hungry yeti crab then eats.