Curious questions. CURIOSITY QUESTIONS | Positive Discipline

Curious questions. 7 Curious Questions That Will Encourage Conversation

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7 Curious Questions That Will Encourage Conversation

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When you look at the face of the child or teenager you sponsor, do you feel like you know him or her? But do you feel like you know her? And in turn, do you think he knows you? Sometimes asking questions that are a little bit different is a great way to get the conversation heading in a deeper direction. For this blog of letter-writing inspiration, we took our cue from Teresa Dawn who, in addition to sponsoring three children, corresponds with 45 Compassion assisted students around the world! Here is a list of a few of the creative questions Teresa has asked her Compassion family of pen pals. We hope these seven curious questions and their answers inspire your creativity to dig a little deeper in your relationship with the child you sponsor!