Facebook nipple pics. Facebook Lifts Ban on Breastfeeding Nipple Pictures | Time

Facebook nipple pics. Facebook bans photos of female nipples 'safety' reasons, exec says

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New York naked protest over and Facebook female nipple ban - Daily Star

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Mary Hanbury, provided by. Dozens of naked models gathered outside Facebook's office in New York on Sunday as part of an art installation that protested Facebook's ban on nudity. Some artists complain that this prevents them from sharing their work online. Museums and galleries are constrained when even promoting exhibitions featuring nudes," the NCAC wrote in a press release for the event. She continued: "This isn't just about shock value and protesting — it's about reclaiming our bodies. Robertson said Facebook permanently banned the group's ad account after it posted a nude painting with a celebratory poem for Mother's Day. She has also had her own account banned on several occasions.