Infinity sign tattoo images. 22 Creative Infinity Tattoo Designs For Men and Women In

Infinity sign tattoo images. Infinity Tattoo Stock Photos and Images

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Infinity Sign Tattoo Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty

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Infinity is the symbol of endlessness, which is represented by a loop that looks like an 8 in a lying position. The infinity symbol was first conceived by John Wallis , a mathematician of the 17th century, to define a number which was endless and the number continues to be used till date in mathematics and many other aspects including tattoo art, in the form of infinity tattoos. This design is one of the simplest among tattoos and makes an ideal choice for the first timers as it is neither complicated in design, nor does it cost much to have done. Additionally, getting this tattoo design is less painful as there is not much intricate detailing involved in inking this particular tattoo design. To top it all, the infinity symbol tattoo design is rich in symbolic meaning, which along with the other factors, makes it one of the top choices among various tattoo designs. It is simply because these tattoos are extremely beautiful to look at. Before, such tattoos are only opted by a lot of women tattoo lovers.