Jack skellington face images. Best Jack Skellington images in | Drawings, Nightmare Before Christmas, Noel

Jack skellington face images. Jack Skellington Wallpaper

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Jack Skellington Pumpkin (with Pictures)

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I have done full-face Halloween makeup on him several times before, so I know that in order to avoid a case of the squirmies and be successful, our makeup application time needs to be limited to 15 minutes or less. Jack Skellington makeup is simply black and white, so both colors need to be saturated to achieve the full effect. I started by giving his face three coats of white paint with a makeup sponge, allowing it to dry between each coat. This photo here is how it looked after two coats, and after three coats it was solidly white. While I was waiting for the 2nd coat of white to dry, I started on the black eyes and nose details. I applied them with a soft paintbrush, and it went on super smoothly and only needed one coat. I need to alter the angle of the eyes just a bit the next time, but I was really thrilled with how well this came out for my first attempt!