Pics of bath salts drug. Drug Use | Signs and Symptoms of Bath Salts Abuse

Pics of bath salts drug. Signs and Symptoms of Bath Salts Abuse

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The New High: Bath Salts | Weird pictures and photo galleries | Daily Star

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Remember the bath salt craze that swept the nation a few years ago? Well, many drug users across the country are now partying like it's all over again, thanks to a potentially fatal and highly dangerous designer drug called Flakka. Just like bath salts, Flakka is made from the chemical Alpha-PVP, is a synthetic drug which falls under the class of substances called cathinones. These are chemicals derived from the khat plant grown in the Middle East and Somalia. Flakka can be snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed. Since it simultaneously fills the brain with dopamine aka the "feel-good" hormone and blocks its transmitters, the effects are said to rival that of extremely strong crystal meth or cocaine. Using Flakka or other cathinones can cause rabdomyolysis, which is when muscle tissue melts and the fibers are released into the blood stream, ultimately leading to kidney failure.