Quotes to make a girl feel good about herself. 35 Sweet Things to Say to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Good About Herself - Values Diary

Quotes to make a girl feel good about herself. 10 Poems to Make Her Feel Beautiful

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Ways to Make a Girl Feel Special | Planet of Success

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The last thirty years have seen an enormous global cultural shift that has begun to counteract the millennia long imbalance in opportunity between the genders. However, although we see many areas of our culture making a shift towards equality, the residual effect of such a discrepancy is hard to eliminate overnight. Boys, for example, grow up with the vast majority of successful people they may look up to sharing their gender. Notable athletes, CEOs, politicians, philosophers, even superheroes, are predominantly male. Fortunately, we can help facilitate this process by creating a culture that inspires and encourages girls, so they grow up with confidence and self-esteem. Doing so will establish healthier families and relationships, strengthen global economies and everyone will benefit.