Who is hosting the winter olympics in 2018. PyeongChang Olympics | Next Winter Games in Korea

Who is hosting the winter olympics in 2018. Olympic Host Cities: Where Will The 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024 Games Be Played?

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The Winter Olympics Dates and Locations to Know | Time

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There's a lot riding on this year's Winter Olympics: South Korea has to show that hosting can be economically viable, or the games would lose their sheen further. Hosting the Olympics has become an expensive venture, and a number of hosts — Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and Russia's Sochi, for example — went into debt after overshooting their budgets. Rio, which hosted the Summer Olympics, was bailed out by the federal government just weeks before the games because it ran out of money to pay for enhanced security during the event. The diminishing economic case for organizing the games has resulted in fewer cities wanting to become hosts. The lack of candidates saw the International Olympic Committee — the organization behind the games — make the unusual move of choosing the venues for two games at once.